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Little Rascals are proud to announce that our next litter of 3/4 French Bulldog 1/4 Beagle puppies are now available for viewing and for their new homes. Both parents are with us and available for viewing upon visiting our kennels.

At Little Rascals we take great pride in being able to provide quality puppies for loving family homes. With years of experience as a licensed dog breeder, we are always available to give new and existing clients the support through our qualified staff.

Our French Bulldogs are well known for being a companion dog as they are is a loyal, affectionate and patient making them an ideal family pet. The French Bulldog is a patient and affectionate breed with its owners, especially with children. French Bulldogs can easily live with other breeds when the proper introductions are done. French bulldogs are playful and loving and enjoy short daily walks.

Our Beagles have a gentle nature and will often make you laugh with their antics, but will also make you cry from their mischief! They are tricky things that are good at not listening or obeying you. They love to follow a scent and are amazing with children, so this is a perfect combination for a playful and charismatic puppy.
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