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Be aware of scams

  • Be aware of our warning signs of top scams and if in doubt about a seller either contact us for advice or simply don’t proceed and find another breeder on PuppiesRUs website.
  • Use your common sense, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Always use PuppiesRUs Inbox

  • Use the ‘Contact’ link for your safety and privacy. Don’t reply to ads with email addresses in the ad or pictures, some scammers have put the contact details in the wrong place to try and avoid being blocked from PuppiesRUs. Always use PuppiesRUs anonymised email.

Meeting the breeder face to face

  • Do not give sellers your personal details until you are sure that they are who they say they are and a genuine breeder.
  • Puppies should always be viewed at the breeders property and for personal safety always take someone with you, or at least tell a friend where you’re going.

Paying for a puppy

  • Meet face to face to see the puppy and parents before you exchange money. Make sure you are completely happy to proceed before handing over any money. Although we do not recommend paying for the puppy if you haven’t seen it, but if you are planning to do this, please use a secure payment method (i.e PayPal or bank transfer) as a deposit may be required. 
  • Never carry large sums of money with you. If you’re looking to buy something expensive, we recommend that you meet with the breeder to view the puppy first.

Why is paying with PayPal one of the safest way to make a purchase

  • You’re protected
    Paypal protects both buyers and breeders so if anything goes wrong PayPal are the experts in resolving these issues. Remember, you can’t get this protection with a friends/family transfer or if you make a direct bank transfer.
  • Help grow our community
    By buying safely on PuppiesRUs you are helping our community of buyers and breeders to grow.
  • What happens if something goes wrong after I purchased the puppy?
    Get in touch with the breeder. Normally there is a genuine misunderstanding and the breeder will be eager to help you to resolve the situation.
  • Watch out for potential scams or risky transactions
    We try to keep PuppiesRUs a safe place and most of the time things go perfectly smoothly.
    We regularly review our users and their ads and will take action if the user’s ads or behaviour is not in line with our rules.
    Here are some easy ways to help protect yourself:
  1. Never send money in the post or do a bank transfer to another user.
  2. Never do a “friends and family” PayPal transfer. If something goes wrong, PayPal can’t help you either as the transaction is not covered under PayPal’s buyer and seller protection policy.

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